Polaroid Eyewear wanted to create new and engaging multi-channel content, to shift the perception of the brand, broaden the target group and increase sales.

We teamed up, for the second time, with the Swedish artist and entertainer Måns Zelmerlöw and influencer Calle Schulman for yet another out of the ordinary collaboration, turning on the concept for how to do Influencer marketing.

This time around, Måns is back- pitching his take on new commercials for Polaroid to Calle, the fictitious PR Manager. One of the ideas Måns has, includes Alex Schulman, with a direct rip-off on the interview Alex had with Henrik Lundqvist for the brand Head and Shoulders. Calle isn’t convinced by Måns´s ideas and the collaboration between the two is short-lived.

The videos were distributed through social and traditional media with special material, originated from the campaign, for in-store and client communication.

Original campaign from 2017